Sophie Nusselder

15167632_1828344370754084_272861573342108750_ologo groen achter


“Stand in your power, in the center of your truth, with open heart”

I believe the natural ‘me’ is being fully connected to (y)our source. To stand in your power. Express yourself freely from the heart. With integrity, love and compassion for yourself and others. Let your soul ray shine!

Since 2008 I am practising and teaching yoga: a path that changed my life! The awareness of the breath made me connect with deeper layers: a fortification of magic. My first yoga classes I shared with children. I have a background in art education and started to integrate yogic elements in my art lessons. Including noncompetitive physical activities had a positive effect on the general well being of the children; as they encourage self-esteem, body awareness and relaxation. Meanwhile, I studied different aspects of yoga and started teaching various yoga styles in yoga schools.

I’ve always had a heart for travelling and feel very blessed to have shared yoga with many people in the world. How lovely it is to become a versatile, creative and skillfull teacher; motivating and inspiring students in yoga schools, primary schools and at special locations like a prison in Peru, cultural center in Colombia and a yoga teacher training in India.

In all my teachings, my personality which is playful, energetic and introspective shines through. I am Yoga Alliance certified (RYT 500). The trainings I completed include Childrens Yoga, Hatha,  Ashtanga , Yin Yoga & Anatomy, Yoga Nidra and Yoga Therapy. Also, I love to share elements of Anusara, Vinyasa Krama, Yogic Philosophy, the Indian health system of Ayurveda and Restorative yoga.

I keep on learning and being inspired every hour I teach, mostly from my students. Please feel welcome to join my classes and discover what yoga can mean for you!

Lokah samasta sukhinu bhavantu

May all beings be happy. May all my thoughts, words and actions contribute in some way to the happiness of all beings.



Pictures on this website: Suzanne Pijnenburg, Chantal Aimée Ehrhardt and Boukje Kassenaar